Project Update: Glossary and Sources Work

Project Update: Since January, the Liber Uricrisiarum team has compiled a long list of potential glossary entries, with draft definitions. Based on that work, we’ve added language notes for a few more difficult or unusual words and corrected a number of readings in the edition, which is now receiving one more full proof-reading against the base manuscripts. We’ve also written most of the introduction and discovered new and interesting textual relationships among the witnesses to the Liber Uricrisiarum and several of its fifteenth- and sixteenth-century descendants.
We are currently working on generating a finished glossary, condensing the expanded Explanatory Notes, and finishing the introduction, in order to send a completed text to a potential publisher early in 2018.
Looking ahead, we have compiled two very preliminary lists of headwords (nearly 2000 herbs, fruits, trees, minerals, and miscellaneous medical terms) and cited authorities (over 50) in Daniel’s Herbal.