Printed Editions

Early Printed Editions

The Iudycyall of Vryns: STC 14836, Southwark: Peter Treveris, 1527(?). EEBO [subscription required].

Repr. with minor changes: STC 14836.3, Southwark: Peter Treveris, 1527(?). EEBO [subscription required].

(The printed editions are based on an alpha version text, with some reduction of digressive material.)

Modern Editions

There are not yet any full modern critical editions of Daniel’s Liber Uricrisiarum, but versions of the text can be found in the following:

Harvey, E. Ruth, and Tavormina, M. Teresa (General Editors) with Sarah Star, Jessica Henderson, and C.E.M. Henderson (Associate Editors). Liber Uricrisiarum: A Reading Edition, by Henry Daniel (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2020).  Alpha version text.

Hanna, Ralph III, ed. “Henry Daniel’s Liber Uricrisiarum (Excerpt)”. In Popular and Practical Science of Medieval England, ed. Lister M. Matheson. Medieval Texts and Studies 11. East Lansing, MI: Colleagues Press, 1994, pp. 185-218.

Jasin, Joanne. “A Critical Edition of the Middle English Liber Uricrisiarum in Wellcome MS 225.” Ph.D. dissertation, Tulane University, 1983. Beta version text; single-manuscript edition.

Johannessen, Tom A. “The Liber Uricrisiarum in Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, MS 336/725″. MA Dissertation, Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages, University of Oslo (Spring 2005). An edition of the Seventeen-Chapter Abridgement of the Liber Uricrisiarum. DUO.